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Article   18 Nov 2020

Website security online scanner tools from cybersecuritywebtest.com discovered in my website more security flags. After some period when I contact more external security consultants, I decide to solve without any other informations the security issues. In the first step I considered as is something very dificult, but after I contect the owner of this site, he drive me step by step and I solved the critical and medium issues from my web project. Was a good chose because without any help just with the informations from pdf report. The report indicate me where was an SQL injection and XSS injections. I was absolutly surprised when I found so many vulnerabilities in my site and I payed for this project so many money, because the IT company telled me as the price is so huge because they need to have an security audit. Was absolutely incredible the result of the scan report from cybersecuritywebtest.com. The first time I scanned in light mode (free scan test), and I discovered some issues. After this step I decided as for $50 is ok to spent for full security audits. I contact the guys from cybersecuritywebtest website and they drive me exactly. After some discussions with them , The guy from call center decided to inform me as if I will need help with integration they can help me, but surprise, with some little heltp from them in less than 3 hours I solved the issues without any help from other IT security company.In conclusion I want to recommand you this type of services withh all trust, because it is really good service and the price is very very low. I contact 5 other IT company with security specializations and the prices was very very huge, beetwen $65 and $2500. This guys if I understand corectly are from Romania, and the romanian guys sis very good on internet security.

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